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25th Sep 2007 @ 10:31 pm - TV & NaNoWriMo
NCIS: Wild
NCIS SEASON PREMIERE. OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW. As if I haven't said that enough. But it just makes me squee and giggle and want to squish every single one of them. Very much like a five-year-old. :D I'm just too excited. I'll admit it might not have been their absolute strongest opener ever, but I'm really blind to any faults with this show because there are none. ♥!!

Also, re:House: I am so very much looking forward to him choosing his team. Survival of the fittest/those who can give the best bribes!! I LOVED Wilson in this opener - for those of you who know what I'm talking about, was that not so very awesome of him?? He's too cute.

I feel like now I'm just watching too much TV, but I've also been getting Arrested Development from Netflix - OMG. Why was this show canceled?? Because I am in love with Maeby and George Michael and Michael and very much so with Portia de Rossi. And, you know, every single other character. Because they are all amazing. I cannot fathom why it is gone.

Although I know it'll be a ridiculously busy fall/winter, I'm seriously considering NaNoWriMo as well. I've never tried it before, and I don't think I can honestly devote enough time to it... but it's so shiny and tempting and looks amazing. I am in absolute AWE of anyone who has completed it. I can't sign up until Oct. 1 anyway, so I have some time to think about it. But I know I have many experienced NaNoWriMo-ers on my flist - advice, please??
14th Sep 2007 @ 12:21 am - Stephenie!!
Twilight: Bella
Eee, it was amazing! The place was absolutely jammed, of course, and I won't be able to hear properly for days. :)

They canceled the Eclipse reading, even though it was advertised as a reading & signing, because of time. Which I completely get, as there were well over 1200 tickets given out for the signing. But when Stephenie walked out, everyone just screamed. There was some very intense, irking Team Edward/Team Jacob taunts - but there was a Team Switzerland, which I rather liked. I love you, Edward, but I felt awful for my poor Jacob.

We sang happy birthday to Bella when Stephenie walked in, and how cool was it that I got to meet her on Bella's birthday?? There were even party hats!

She started with Q&A. There were a few morons who immediately asked what happens in Breaking Dawn RIGHT after she said not to. But she discussed the covers - she liked the temptation apple, didn't really care about the bloody rose because she had no input on that one, but got to have a say in the ribbon and said it symbolized Bella's break from her human life and how it isn't easy at all. Her favorite authors are Jane Austin, Orson Scott Card, and Shannon Hale.

But my favorite part of the Q&A was when she started talking about The Host and Midnight Sun. Apparently, we will get to see what happens to the men who threatened Bella in Twilight. I cannot wait, because Edward tearing things apart definitely makes me melt a little inside. (Although the girl who asked about them asked if they were WEREWOLVES, WTF? I was so annoyed!)

Stephenie didn't answer my question - she actually pointed at me near the end and specified my red shirt - and the girl next to me in a black shirt started talking. I was beyond pissed. And then they told her she was out of time for questions. Sigh. If I had been picked, it would have been: Edward talks about souls and redemption quite a bit in Eclipse. Were any of the Cullens especially religious as human, and if so, which religions? Because although I myself am not especially interested in religion, I thought it would be an interesting answer from someone whose religion plays a very big part in her life & her writing. book_rapport, if you're still looking for questions for your interview Saturday...? Hee, shameless self-promotion, couldn't resist. :)

Ahhh, I'm still all trembly and grinning stupidly (although to be fair, I had quite a lot of coffee tonight)! The line was insanely long - I tried so hard to get my signature ticket this morning, but it just wouldn't work out, so I was #834. I told myself it wasn't that bad because it went up to 1200 or something. The girl who got ticket #1 was apparently there at 5:30am, and they were up to #500 by 10:00am (they started actually handing the tickets out at 9:00am).

AND when I got up there, she smiled at me (yes, am dork, shut up!) and joked about how long I'd been waiting and laughed because my new version of New Moon has no dustcover because it's the poster and is obviously hanging on my wall. She was so personable and friendly even through all the rush, and I'm pretty much worshiping her right now.

OH! three_nails told me that her friend anythingbutgrey was there tonight, too! It's crazy how fandom connects people, isn't it? It would have been my very first RL-fandom experience if I'd gotten the comment before I left for Borders.

I need to go, because it's nearly 1 and I still have tons of work to do before I can sleep and I need to get up way too early tomorrow. But it was, of course, worth it. *bounces*

(EEE, Sara, you finished Eclipse!! I'm still fighting with AIM, but I can't wait to squee with you!! ♥)
13th Sep 2007 @ 05:13 pm - ZOMG!!
NCIS: *squee*

7th Sep 2007 @ 06:06 pm{none}
HP: Canines
I have been so wretched about commenting lately. I could blame my utter lack of free time, but I still feel guilty about being a bad LJ-friend. I promise I'm working through my backlog of flist posts, really. And those memes I was tagged for! Because they look v. fun.

I was just adding another claim over at everyfiveyears and realized something earth-shattering: no one has been claimed from Twilight. At all. Damnit, why did I have to make those idiotic rules about only-two-claims-at-once? Must not break my own rules, must not break my own rules... *chants* Because right now I have Tonks from HP and Abby Sciuto from NCIS, and I adore both of them so freaking much... but TWILIGHT.

I'll be gone all day tomorrow and part of Sunday, but I should have some time on Sunday. Also (and I should not be saying this, it is teh EVIL tool of distraction, I know!) I've finally pulled AIM out of its dusty little corner on my programs list. Please let me know your names so I can add you?

I might have just dropped my Abby claim and grabbed Edward Bella Edward. Because although it is my absolute favoritist show ever, I'm not really in the NCIS fandom. *hugs Abby* And I think Twilight will be more fun to write.
14th Aug 2007 @ 02:06 pm - LJ
--- Magic
Okay. I have been following the current LJ debacle, as I'm sure the rest of you have. I don't want to leave LJ. I might have a terrible posting record & I rarely post fic, but I have found real friends here.

I'm still contemplating it, though, because I seriously can't comprehend what they've been doing. How could they not expect this outrage? After coffeechica's moronic comment that shows no knowledge of her own company's ToS & practically condones anorexia, I lost a huge amount of faith in LJ/6A. (To lay everything out, she later commented on another post with an apology.) There is no justification for 'protecting' fictional characters and then denying that these suicidal girls don't need help - not to mention that self-harm IS against their ToS.

For now, I'm waiting. rachel is apparently the new PR head, and she was hired three weeks ago; I can only imagine the 'Hi, you're hired, now clean this huge mess up' that she got. She's been responding politely to a huge number of comments in the lj_biz posts, most of them quite nasty, and apparently has also talked to several LJers on the phone. I'm trying to retain optimism and hope that their new two-strike policy will be carried out the way they say it will.

And above all, I'm trying to keep in mind that LJ is, in fact, a business. The fact is that fandom, especially HP fandom, is very visible. People don't want to acknowledge that there are pro-ana comms out there, so they don't - even if the second one of those girls dies, their parents will be suing LJ for a huge sum.

I would like to be able to find everyone, though.
Poll #1039121 Other Journals

I am

staying only here at LJ
staying at LJ, but with other backup journal(s)
leaving LJ entirely
waiting to see what's next

My other journal(s) are at

another site, I'll tell you in comments

My name on GJ/IJ/etc. is

Thanks. I'll be waiting this one out.
13th Aug 2007 @ 09:57 pm - Eclipse T-Shirt!
Twilight: Bella
Okay, so I'm so very tempted to make an Eclipse t-shirt, because eee am going to meet Stephenie Meyer on Sept. 13th! But I cannot choose a quote. I've narrowed it down from approximately 121 for slightly more convenience:

[Error: no poll ID]

...if I didn't want to use a quote so badly, I definitely would have gone with 'Edward Cullen prefers brunettes'.

Thanks! ♥
12th Aug 2007 @ 08:10 pm{none}
Lost: Sawyer/coconut

You are my internet-soulmate & we have taken brain-sharing to a whole new level. You have been through so much lately and I just wish I could DO something for you other than write crack!fic about Sawyer taking advantage of a girl in Maine (not dirty!) named Sarah (obvs. not you, as you do not have the 'h', don't be silly) who eats lobsters (...I will assume youSarah eats lobsters because - dude, MAINE).

I hope you had a brilliant day, I hope you got to spend time with your family & friends, I hope you were happy. I ♥ you, Sara - you are the most unbelievable friend. *loves*

...I also hope you got Eclipse, because it is OMG SO GOOD. :D

Eclipse spoilers!Collapse )

9th Aug 2007 @ 09:54 pm - Am Home...
Twilight: Bella
Back from Blacksburg, but have confession: I have not read Eclipse. I KNOW. But I meant to pick it up on the way down, but we did not pass a single bookstore. I am not kidding you!! And then the VTech bookstore didn't have it, and... I am flipping out. But I plan on getting it FIRST THING tomorrow, so I can read it on the way up to Philly.

Because tomorrow is Wicked!! I am so psyched for this. But anyway, I'll be avoiding my flist until I've read it, so sorry if I'm not commenting for another day or two. I'll post when I'm done!

♥ Kate
6th Aug 2007 @ 09:58 pm - ECLIPSE! & Meme
Twilight: Bella

I have my book reserved at Borders and will be picking it up at nine promptly! In the meantime, Eclipse picture thread! Have not posted because my camera is sadly M.I.A., but 'tis fun. Also, all the Eclipse quotes that appeared on Stephenie Meyer's website.

Tagged by lady_sarai!
1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.

Oh, where to start...Collapse )

...I am so wordy. Sorry. :) Umm... how about lexie_b, lady_akatari, three_nails, & dramaphile? No obligations, of course!

26th Jul 2007 @ 12:35 pm - SBP et cetera
HP: Canines
Oh, HP fandom, my head is spinning with bunnies of a certain pairing. I've got two lovely new icons that I'm just very bouncy about, but cannot use them for they have spoilers. Alas! But the quote on that one?? EEEEEP. ♥ Quite possibly my favorite HP quote ever. And the lovely art I found for this one is by matitablu and the full version is here - again, spoilery for DH, but so very pretty.

That paragraph has four hyperlinks not counting lj-names. Feel my squee!

I've read some very good DH-compliant fic, but I was just feeling grumpy about this entire HP-apocalypse thing and so I reverted to that lovely thing, shoebox_project. I only MEANT to find a few passages, but ended up reading the entire thing. *sighs* Their Sirius & Remus are so very canon to me. I just want to squish them.
23rd Apr 2018 @ 11:39 am